What can we expect from our stay?

Staying in a yurt (Yabin) is camping, but very comfortable camping!

You don't have to put up and take down your tent in the rain, you don't have to sleep on the ground and you don't have to get cold (except maybe running to the bathroom). Upon arrival, all you have to do is unload the car, light the wood burner and cosy up with a good book by candlelight. Our yurts are in a field and with our Devonshire weather can get wet and muddy (espcially in the winter) so please remember your wellies!

What do we need to bring?

The Yabins are furnished with rugs, a fully made-up double bed, a double futon, a single futon, a coffee table, a shelving unit, cushions, a wood burner, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery. Additionally we provide blankets and fire wood (first basket free, £5 a basket there-after).
You should bring a torch, some sensible shoes or boots, warms clothes, bedding/sheets (for the futons, if you're using them) and food (if you don't want to buy it locally).

How big are the yurts?

Our yurts have a 18ft diameter. They will sleep a maximum of 5 people.

Can we bring our dog?

We are a dog friendly campsite! Well behaved and quiet dogs are more than welcome, but we do ask that you keep them on a lead at all times while on site to avoid disturbance to other guests and livestock in the area. As an alternative there is a kennels in the area which offers daycare as well as overnight stays. Please see: http://www.risingsunkennels.co.uk/

Is there mobile phone reception?

There is reasonable reception for most mobile networks, but it can be a little patchy for data signal, please note we do not have any electricity to charge mobile phones.

Is there internet access?

We have no electricity so no mains fed electric lights, no computers, no Sky TV and no internet. Having said that, you won't miss any of them!

How can we cook?

You can boil a kettle or cook in a pan on the top of the wood burner (perfect for a chilli or a stew!). It can take a long time to cook on a wood burner so you are more than welcome to bring a gas stove and barbeque.

Do we take group bookings?

We welcome well behaved groups, but we do ask that you respect the other guests and keep the noise down to a minimum. Just quiet stories around the campfire after 9pm please. We may ask for a refundable deposit of £100, which will be refunded at the end of the stay providing no damages or additional costs have been incurred.

Do you have any communal areas?

We have a cruck shelter, which keeps out most of the wind and rain for group activies, it is 5m X 5m. It is free for any of our guests to use, unless we have an activity workshop running.

Can we play music?

We do not allow music to be played from cars or portable stereos anywhere onsite.

Where do we park our car?

We have a designated parking area to the left of the main entrance. If the ground is dry, you can take your car up to your yurt for loading and unloading. Vehicles are parked at owner's risk.

How secure are the yabins?

All the yurts have a lockable wooden front door . However, it would be unwise to leave valuables in them while you're not on site.

What should we do when we leave?

Please leave the yabin and site in the condition in which you found it. Rubbish should be placed in the bins provided, and all crockery should be cleaned and returned to the yurt. Please leave the door closed and unlocked with the key and padlock inside the yurt.

Can we have a campfire?

Yes, we're more than happy for you to have a campfire outside your yurt, please use the area provided and keep the fire small. Please remember if you are using our firewood, there is a charge of £5 for each additional basket.