Grey Willow Yurts


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The Yabin field itself is next to (although not affiliated with) a working dairy farm in the heart of the Blackdown Hills Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty. Half a mile away is a historic WWII airfield, RAF Upottery, which is now used as a showground for vintage car shows and stock car racing 14 days of the year. All around us is an abundance of countryside wildlife and when night falls you will be treated to once of the best places to stargaze in the south west.

Our Yurts

Our Yabins (yurt + cabin) are unique to Grey Willow Yurts. They're octagonal solid wooden structures and feel like a cross between a traditional mongolian yurt and a Scandinavian Kota. Inside, they have a beautiful ceiling structure and a wide aspect window. The bespoke funiture is made from local spruce and ash. Outside, our covered ‘Tiki’ decks are a new addition to the Yabins, where you can enjoy the long summer evenings or shelter your bbq from the inevitable British weather!
All of our Yabins have one double bed, one double futon and a single futon. Each has a wood burning stove to keep you warm and an area ouside where you can sit around an open fire toasting marshmallows. On the wood stove, you can also cook in a pot or heat a kettle for a nice cup of tea in the morning.  You are more than welcome to bring your own camping gas stoves and BBQ's to cook on.

Yurt Locations

Pandora is on it's own on the right of the field (as you enter the field) but is the furthest from the amenities block.
Atlas is the first on the left as you enter the field, closest to the entrance.
Callisto is the second on the left and is closest to the amenities block.
While Callisto and Atlas are next to one another, they each have their own privacy and are 25m apart.

The photo below is taken from the other end of the field, from the amenities block.


We have a small amenities block onsite which has two complete bathrooms, each with a shower, flushing toilet and basin. There is also a washing up point. The hot water comes from the wood stove in the kitchen area, the fire wood provided is hard wood which comes from local sustainable sources. 
Our large flat field is a perfect place to un-wind or play games, especially cricket, football, rounders and frisbee!

Parking and driving onsite

We have a designated parking area to the left as you enter the site, although for the vast majoirty of the time we allow guests to park next to the yabins for the duration of their stay with us, if it is extremly wet we will ask guests to park in the car park. When driving around the site, please keep your speed dead slow as there may be free-range children.


Our Green Credentials

We have put a lot of effort in and are proud of how environmentally friendly we have managed to make the site. Here's a brief overview of some of the measures we've taken:

Water - Our water supply is provided by our own borehole. It travels no more than 340 meters to get from the ground into our amenities block. Unlike the water supply in your house, we add no chemicals. The low power water pump is the only electricity used for the whole site. Hot water in the amenities block is heated by a wood burner with a back boiler in the washing up area. Dish washing detergent is organic and provided. 

Sewerage - We had a special package sewage treatment plant imported from Germany. It requires no power to function and has one of the best effluent ratings in the world. As we deal with all sewage onsite, we are not reliant on power-hungry centralised sewage treatment plants. 

Wood - Any wood used anywhere onsite has come from sustainable sources or is reclaimed. We are striving to build an infrastructure that actually functions in an environmentally positive way and requires little carbon off-setting.